COATRESA was established in 1983 to develop non-stick coating systems on moulds and trays for bakery industry on a national level and in 1992 SBS Bakeware Technologies was cofounded by Coatresa to expand advanced non-stick solutions. In 2012 Coatresa, after offering advanced solutions of non-stick coatings to bakery industry for over 25 years, launches the last generation of coatings under the Testrong®  brand.

Through a strategy based on investment in R&D and constant contact with industry sectors, Coatresa provides the global market with completely new  Testrong® coating solutions for baking needs. This constant level of excellence has led Coatresa to a leading position in the field of technical coatings.

Coatings with Testrong® technology

The experience acquired in the industry and the constant investment on new developments allow us the possibility to offer a wide range of non-stick coating systems which make it possible to eliminate the use of oils, fats or release agents in the production of bread and baked goods.

COATRESA counts on a qualified network of licensed applicators around the world to offer the best service guaranteeing quality and a precise application.

Mould and tray design and manufacturing

With the aim of offering a comprehensive service to our clients, we collaborate with the best mould and tray manufacturers at a European level offering quality products adapted to each client's specifications at a competitive cost.

Maintenance and refurbishment for moulds and trays

In order to extend mould and tray life we use the most advances techniques to clean and refurbish these moulds and trays. Once refurbished, they are recoted with Testrong® systems obtaining a almost new result which allows to use the mould or tray in an exhaustive way.

Consulting and technical assistance

COATRESA gives professional service and quality thanks to the extensive experience in the baking industry by offering customized solutions by selecting the system Testrong ® nonstick coating most suitable for each product line.

COATRESA offers a wide range of technical coatings for other industrial sectors. Get to know all COATRESA's applications for industrial sectors.